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  • We have good knowledge of the property marked in Andalusia
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  • Professional photos to ensure an optimal presentation of your property
  • Optimal promotion of your house to an international target audience
  • We will arrange all the viewings in a professional manner

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Considerations when selling your home on the Costa del Sol or in Andalucia Spain

Set a realistic sales price

At this moment there is a lot of properties on offer on the market in Spain which means that currently also the selling prices are under pressure. We can inform you about the right selling price. Taking in consideration the location, the total living area, plot size and general state of your house, compared to other properties in your area.

Furnished or unfurnished?

First decide if you want to sell your property furnished or unfurnished. You could also offer the furniture optional. This will give you more space to negotiate when a buyer offers a bid on your house.

Viewings at your house? Make sure all legal papers are in order!

Make sure your house is in good condition when a viewing is requested. Read also the 6 selling tips. Have all necessary legal documents at hand so you can optimal advice a prospective buyer and answer all his/her questions in a proper way. Also present the last paid bills for property tax, garbage tax, electric, water, gas, and community fees. If you are able to present all these documents, it will give the prospect buyer an optimal feeling of safety and trust. This could just be the difference between selling or not selling.

Negotiating position!

At this moment it’s a buyer’s market. Buyers are in a good negotiating position because of the high amount of properties on the market in Spain. We are aware of the property prices and what is on offer in your area. We know the strong features of your house compared to the competition. This give us a strong position to negotiate the best price for your property. Take in account the fact that there are many houses for sale in Spain. In proportion there are not so many potential buyers.

Closing the deal.

If the final selling price and conditions have been agreed, it is common in Spain for the buyer to leave a deposit to the owner or the owners lawyer. At this point an agreement will be signed that obligates the owner to sell the house at the agreed price and conditions. The buyer is obligated to buy the house at the agreed and conditions. When the buyer refrains from purchasing, he or she will no longer have the right for a refund of the already paid deposit unless a special clause is included, such as sale subject to mortgage. When the owner does not respect the agreed terms, he or she will have to refund the full deposit to the buyer. The deposit is usually an amount between €3000,- and €6000,-.

Set date for the final transfer

In above mentioned agreement also a deadline should be set for the signing of the final sale contract at the notary.

Time difference between the agreement and transfer?

Are there more than 2 months time difference between the signing of above mentioned agreement and the final transfer date? In that case your lawyer have to set up a preliminary sale contract. In this preliminary sale contract all conditions and payment method will be appointed. When signing the preliminary sale contract the buyer also has to leave a deposit to the owner. The amount of this deposit is usually 10% of the selling price. In the preliminary contract it should be included that the deposit cannot be recovered by the buyer.

Who is responsible for the sales costs?

Most of the sales costs are on behalf of the buyer. These are the costs of his/her own lawyer, notary costs, registry fees, the transfer tax of 7% etc. As seller you have to pay the property tax for the current year plus a tax over the increase in value of the plot. This tax (Plusvalía) is levied by the town hall. This amount depends on the period the house is in your possession and varies per town hall. You or your lawyer can check this at the town hall where your property is registered. De costs of repayment of your mortgage are obviously also for your account. It is advisable to have a lawyer to look after your best interest and who is also present at the signing of the final sale contract at the notary. Your lawyers costs are approximately 1% of the selling price.

Are you making a profit? Take notice of the profit tax you have to pay in Spain.

You should take notice of the profit that you make on your house. In case you are not resident in Spain you have to pay a 18% tax payment over the profit you made (so not over the total selling price) If you are resident in Spain and you re-invest the money in another property in Spain you don´t have to pay any profit tax. In case you are resident in Spain and you are over 65 years of age you don´t have to pay any profit tax. Your lawyer can advice you of the exact amount you need to pay and how this should be taken care off.

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